Belyashes and chebureks cooking

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Belyashes and chebureks cooking

Let me tell you about two more kinds of fine cooking. I’ll start with belyashes.

Beliash Рthis is the Tatar name of a yeast  pie with meat, fried in oil in frying pan. For the preparation of belyashes yeast dough and mainly meat stuffing with onion and spices are used. If one of the readers was in Russia or Tatarstan and other republics of Central Asia, they noticed that belyashes are sold almost everywhere, from small snack bars, cafes and large supermarkets. Of course, vegetable additives are also used in the preparation of belayshes, mostly chopped potatoes. To prepare belyashes at home, nothing special is needed, you need 2-3 hours of free time at home and yes, children will be happy to help your. You can bake belyashes and freeze them in freezer and then you can quickly warm them up in a microwave for 20-30 seconds. The taste of belyashes from frost does not change.

And here is another option of similar product -chebureks.

In contrast of belyashes , chebureks are made from unleavened dough. Many housewives use for this purpose dairy product such as kefir or yogurt, and of course the main stuffing consist of meat, although there other varieties of fillings.

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