Another dish of the people of the Caucasus.
We present you with a dish of  Azerbaijani cuisine – Gyurze.
Azerbaijani cuisine is famous for its diversity and unique taste. The climate of the country allows you to use a variety of herbs and spices in food.
Gyurze is somewhat reminiscent of pelmeni, but there are some differences in both the filling and the shape. In several regions of Azerbaijan, gyurze is made with some subtle differences. For example, the filling can be fresh mince or cooked mince, and different herbs and spices can be used. Sometimes mutton fat is added to ground beef mince for added juiciness to filling.
Enjoy your meal!


Serve gyurze by pouring melted butter on top and sprinkling with herbs.
Gyurze is also served with broth as a soup by adding a little cream or yogurt to the broth.
You will need no more than 10 minutes to prepare a delicious and hearty dinner.

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