Khinkali  is a traditional Georgian dish that is the best known for its bright taste and unusual shape.
Khinkali is usually made from chopped or minced meat using beef or lamb. Onion, parsley or cilantro, ground black pepper, cumin, salt, sometimes a little garlic, is added.
Khinkali dough is made fresh without the addition of an egg. In some areas of Georgia there other options for making dough with egg or choux pastry.

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Khinkali should be boiled in a large amount of boiling water, with salt added to your taste.
As they roll over in boiling water cook more for 8-10 minutes.
Cooked khinkali are laid out on a dish.
Serve khinkali with some sprinkled ground black pepper.
Usually, khinkali can be eaten with your hands, first biting and drinking the broth inside the khinkali and then eating the rest of khinkali.

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