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A few years ago we noticed that there were lack of quality, delicious home-made dumplings(pelmeni) and vareniki in London. And also a lack of adored by everyone homemade grandmother’s patties with potatoes or cabbage. And we began to try different ingredients to get the same taste of dumplings as at home. With numerous samples, we have our real home-made dumplings(pelmeni)and vareniki. And now we are pleased to offer you to try and enjoy the taste of homemade food. We would like to say that all we do is handmade-from kneading dough to the final result of it. Our dough as in the old days contains only 4 components – water, flour, salt and egg. We demand very high quality requirements for the ingredients that we buy for the preparation of all our products. We also want to say that all products are produced with great love and care. We will also continue the cuisine traditions of Europe, Russia and Asia .. We would like that in our assortment of products each buyer will find what he will like to taste.

Thank you for your trust in our company!