Mantys (dumplings), most likely , were cooked in China and gradually spread along the Great Silk Road. Mantys are very popular food in Central Asian countries and in  Turkey and Korea. It is also a popular dish from the former Soviet Republics such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and others. In Georgia, such food, called khinkali, but unlike khinkali is boiled in water, like pelmeni or vareniki.

We invite you to try our special sauce which we created on the based on a sauce of the popular in Central Asia.

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Manty – this is a unique dish, which in its simplicity gives an excellent taste. Historically lamb or beef meat is used for mantys, but also you can make them with vegetables or mixed stuffing with the addition of finely chopped potatoes. Very tasty and useful mantys with pumkin. Of course,with mantys they serve many different sauces, as well as hot peppers (adzhika) . Mantys are usually eaten by hand to store broth inside the mantys. To prepare the mantys usually steamer is used. It will take around 30-40 minutes to cook the mantys.


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beef meat, chopped lamb, mix vegetables


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