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Mantys (dumplings), most likely , were cooked in China and gradually spread along the Great Silk Road. Mantys are very popular food in Central Asian countries and in  Turkey and Korea.In Russia it also a popular dish from the former Soviet Republics such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and others. In Georgia, such food, called khinkali, but unlike khinkali is boiled in water, like pelmeni or vareniki.

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Pelmeni (russian dumplings)


Let me introduce pelmeni.

It’s origin dates back to Mongolian nomads, a time  where nomadic people travelled a lot and the conditions and time  was scarce, especially in the colder seasons.
Currently, pelmeni are very popular in Europe, Russia and Central Asia, among others. Each nation has their own way of making them.
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Pirojki differ by the way of preparation of dough-yeast or sweet yeast dough. It also uses chopped dough with here in England is used for preparations of Cornish pies. Also, when preparing pirozhki there is a huge amount of fillings, they are made with vegetables, potatoes, mushrooms, liver, chicken and so on. Make sweet pirozhki by using jams and fresh or canned fruit. Pirojki are popular both as a quick breakfast,and as delicious quick snack at lunchtime, and also at evening time at home with the family.
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Let me introduce to you – vareniki. Many people know such food, it’s like Polish pirogi or Italian ravioli. It’s a very similar food, the principle is the same ,  you need to make a dough and you need a filling. As  for the stuffing for dumplings, there is were the fancy goes. The stuffing for  vareniki  can be meat, vegetable,  sweet with any berries or jam.