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Let me introduce to you – vareniki. Many people know such food, it’s like Polish pirogi or Italian ravioli. It’s a very similar food, the principle is the same ,  you need to make a dough and you need a filling. As  for the stuffing for dumplings, there is were the fancy goes. The stuffing for  vareniki  can be meat, vegetable,  sweet with any berries or jam.

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There are a lot of varieties of mixed fillings that are used when cooking vareniki. Vareniki are served as a second course and of course can be consumed with a wide variety of sauces such as ketchup, mayonnaise, double or single cream, just butter. In Poland or Ukraine, in Russia they eat with sour cream. Smetana (sour cream)  is a natural dairy product, something between a double cream and yogurt. By consistency is closer to yogurt, sour cream is sold in London in all Polish or Lithuanian stores and varies by the percentage of fat. It often located on the refrigerated shelves next to yogurt. Unfortunately for some reason in England, sour cream is not produced. Also, cottage cheese is not produced , although it is a very useful product for children. Cottage cheese is used as a main stuffing and children are happy to eat sweet vareniki. With cottage cheese usually make stuffing wit an any berries and raisins. Vareniki can be steamed or fried.

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  1. Dimitri Bakanov (verified owner)

    I have tried a lot of pre-made vareniki (becuase who has the time and physical labour to make them at home regularrly) these are by far the best and the closest thing to the ones made by my nan.

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